Coccozella Sandy Bay


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Taking a spot under the harsh summer sun are a couple who is quite a regular in having a picnic at Coccozella Sandy Bay. With their stuff all set up for relaxation, they bond and spend the time with each other under the big umbrella shade that they have. The guy exchanges conversations with her gal, not minding that her girlfriend has nothing on to cover her round and healthy breasts. The girl, on the other hand, is so cool in flaunting her breasts out in public and she’s just ready to even out the tan that she’s going to get as she has no plans of wearing anything on top.

Coccozella Hedonism II


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Sailing out on a yacht to discover caves and different exotic places by the sea is such a great adventure. What adds up to the thrill is having people with the same interest to go on this journey without their clothes on in Coccozella Hedonism II. They seem to not care at all that they are in a company with all of their body parts exposed. Even the couple on the side do not mind that the group joining them are butt naked and getting a nice full body tan without worrying tan lines. This picture sure has some full sized butts to flash and it is quite an interesting deed to do as well!

Coccozella Ibiza


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Every summer, there are a lot of people rushing down to the beach to spend their summer with a blast. That’s what this Coccozella Ibiza shot is all about! With a ton of people around getting a nice tan under the sun, anything could possible happen. Be it good or bad, the gals and guys are on the lookout for happenings around the area and with that, they have their cameras handy to capture the action. Some are even brave enough to walk around the area without their clothes on… only a few pieces of accessories will do. This has become a common deed around Ibiza and it’s not much of a fuzz to anyone anymore.

Coccozella Lakonia


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Big boobs flash alert at Coccozella Lakonia! Every summer time, people get too cozy in exposing their goods in public especially when you go to the beach. You see people walking around in bikinis or swimsuits that are pretty close to revealing everything. And there are also cases when people do their sunbathing without their top on! Just like this busty lady in this shot who seems to be ready to get wet and wild with her gals on the beach with her breasts hanging out for everyone to see. Good thing about here is, she doesn’t have to worry about getting some tan lines on her body.

Coccozella Duval Street


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Whoever says Adam and Eve are a thing of the past? For couples who love to show some skin over at Coccozella Duval Street, getting leaves as outfit is quite a good choice to walk around with. This couple right here sure are having the time of their life in their chosen costume. The guy who plays Adam has a big round built and that leaf is just enough to cover his crotch area. Beside him is pale skinned lady who has a glittery leaf art piece to very her nipples and a leaf designed panty to cover her cooch. She holds on to an apple to make her overall look complete.

Coccozella Zanzibar


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If there’s a place where you can go people watching to catch some really interesting sights of naked gals and guys, Coccozella Zanzibar is a good idea to pick. Today we spot a good looking couple strolling by the beach. The guy is a charming one with a nice built as if he’s prepared his body to be fully exposed to a lot of beach goers. His girlfriend is also a beauty with her hair styled in dread locks. It is pushed back away from her face and you can clearly see her pretty looks. She has small but perky tits to show off as they walk around fully naked.

Coccozella Nudes A Poppin


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This interesting shot of Coccozella Nudes A Poppin gives you an idea of some of the happenings during summer season. Aside from spotting tons of people naked when you look to the left and to the right, there are also some games to participate on. These two naked gals on an inflatable pool seems to have finished doing a nasty and a bit slippery wrestling with their precious goods hanging out for everyone to see. Both men and women become instant spectators to gimmicks like this as it is really entertaining, and some pervs sure find it as a visual treat as well.

Coccozella Mardi Gras


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The best time to let loose and go crazy wild is during Coccozella Mardi Gras! People gather up to celebrate this event on the streets and they are entertained with visual treats that they can join in. Some really are taken by the moment, just like this blonde lady who is full of happiness as she has beads dangling on her neck. As she points to the camera with that big smile, she has her shirt up exposing her huge breasts that are topped with perky little nipples. Even for a lady her age, she’s still not hindered to join this kind of festivity as it is for everyone to enjoy!

Coccozella Salon Erotico


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From the angle of this shot of Coccozella Salon Erotica it seems like this girl wearing an all black ensemble is doing a personal lap dance on you. She has her body movements captured on an S-shaped form and she has her face angled to the side. As she grooves and sways her body from side to side, she’s driven to put her legs slightly apart while still standing, and she grabs on to her pussy to give it a little play. Her outfit sure speaks about being a wild and crazy gal but the way she flicks her muffin is already an invitation that would be hard to resist.

Coccozella Gunnison Beach


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Setting camp by the lifeguard post are a naked couple who seem to be enjoying a fully naked sun exposure at the beach. Things like this are very common among people and they don’t actually mind seeing topless or fully naked people around. As for these two, they stand up near their chosen spot as if they are wearing their comfy clothes… where in fact there totally is none. The gal sure has some nice supple breasts with round perky nipples and she has a nice figure to go with her smooth pussy. She asks her naked boyfriend to go behind her to apply some sunblock on her back which she can’t reach.